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​Individual therapy is an opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself, which ultimately leads to more fulfilling connections with others. Therapy is an experience of bringing full attention to the places where you are suffering with the presence and guidance of a therapist. Through the intention and containment of the therapeutic process, acceptance and meaningful change are possible. 
​Areas of focus​

Anxiety ranges from a general sense of worry to debilitating panic attacks. Essentially, it is uncomfortable to live in fear. Managing anxiety and panic is a multi-faceted process. Initially, I will help you to cultivate breath and body awareness. Learning how to breathe and be in the present moment is integral to recovering from anxiety. Simultaneously, we will explore your relationship patterns to see how your anxiety came to be, and we will discover alternative ways of coping with the inevitable stresses of being human.

Depression also expresses itself on a continuum and often begins with an almost imperceptible feeling that something is missing. Isolation, a lack of enjoyment in things that used to be satisfying, changes in appetite and sleep, and sadness are all symptoms of depression. Sometimes depression is a result of unprocessed grief that gets stuck and slowly numbs our relationship to our vitality. Unconscious and unkind thought patterns can also contribute to depression. I will help you to hear those voices more clearly and to begin to challenge their validity. The balm of self-compassion can be tremendously healing and tends to relieve depression.

Relationship issues are a part of being human. If you struggle to find satisfying love relationships, have a parent relationship that you cannot seem to heal, or have difficulty committing to a relationship when it is in front of you, therapy is a great place to begin to understand who you are in the context of a relationship. I practice from a relational model, which means that I use the experience of my relationship with you as information about what might be happening in your relationships outside of the therapy room. This dynamic and interactive way of working brings to life patterns that are replicating in your life outside of the therapy room, and provides in vivo opportunities to have a different experience. This process provides a new blueprint for relationships going forward. 

Bisexuality can be wrought with identity confusion. In our society, it is expected that we “pick a side” in terms of our sexual orientation, yet being bisexual is an identity that encompasses both hetero and homosexual experiences of sexuality. If you are questioning your sexuality or feel that you want support in your bisexual identity, I offer a non-judgmental and exploratory space to help you to understand yourself in the context of our culture’s binary standards.  

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  MFC #52545
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Jennifer Lilly MFT


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